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Creative Assistance

Customized services to support your business, goals, and life.

Virtual Assistant



Definition of Virtual Assistance: "A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office."


I'm Erin, a Virtual Assistant.  I provide administrative support to small business owners to allow them more time to grow their businesses, and do more of what they love.

​Virtual assistance can be exactly what you need if you feel overwhelmed with your everyday tasks, and if you spend most of the time doing things you "have to do" versus things you want to do.  In working together, we would create a customized plan based on your needs.  I'm here to help you take back your time to build and create more for your business and life.

I provide various types of virtual assistance to small businesses, including (but not limited to)...

Email Correspondence

Do you find it hard to keep up with all the emails that come in daily, and wish someone could respond to all the messages that don't require your personal reply?

Internet Research

Would you like someone to find the best deal for an item you want to purchase (and/or purchase it for you), send relevant articles on a topic you need information on, or gather information on hotels in an area you're traveling to?

Database Maintenance

Do you need help logging and keeping your files up-to-date?

Proofreading and editing

Want a fresh set of eyes to double check an article before posting to your blog, or to read through your book's final draft?

Scheduling & Calendar Management

Would you like someone to schedule your clients in a timely manner, based on times convenient to you, as well as send email or text confirmations, directions, and information about their appointment?


How do you feel about efficiency and gaining more time do to what you want to do?  Would you love to have "a place for everything and everything in its place"?




"It's not the years in your life that count.  It's the life in your years."

Abraham Lincoln



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Know Your Strengths

I truly believe that everyone comes into our life for a purpose, and with each passing day  I become more and more thankful that my path crossed with Erin's!  To me, even more important than what she does to help me in my business (which is off the charts amazing!) is her character as a person.  To have someone on my team that I can trust with my business and with elements of my personal life is worth everything.  I never have to worry when it comes to anything Erin is handling for me.  I trust her implicitly to follow through, to interact gracefully (even with my most challenging clients), use common sense when I'm not immediately available to answer questions and to uphold the standards of my business.  She is caring, creative, personable, detail-oriented, talented, helpful,dependable and attentive to the tasks that she does for me.


Erin helps me to take care of literally "hundreds" of things so that I can continue to expand and focus on what I love to do. I know for a fact that she represents all her clients well.  Erin not only gets 'two thumbs up" she also gets "five stars" from me - the highest rating possible!  I will continue to use Erin's services and recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone awesome to help them.


Alice Inoue

Life Guide

Alice Inoue Life Guidance, LLC


Having worked with Erin worked in a number of different capacities; she is everything you would want in a Virtual Assistant . . . and more.  I’ve experienced her work on a short-term project for which she learned very specific, completely new software; where accuracy was of upmost importance, and as a (Hawaiian) genealogy project, her knowledge of the Hawaiian culture and language was an asset.  Not surprisingly, the project was completed ahead of schedule and she was asked to work on another project.  

But whether it’s basic data entry, or a more complex project, like product research or social media management, Erin is not only professional, but communicative and thorough, timely, efficient, proactive, not to mention a pleasure to be around. 

Many people, and myself included joke about people--employees who are extraordinarily good at what they do—by saying “we need to clone you” but  because Erin is so proficient at what she does, so organized, never making you feel she is too busy for you, exceeding expectations, we don’t need a clone of Erin . . . at least not yet.


Kelly A.C.O. Hatzis

Operations Manager

Daughters of Hawai'i

Erin Ushijima has done office work for me over the past year and I am very happy with her work.  Erin is efficient, organized,communicates clearly and has a pleasant upbeat personality.  She works quickly and is not distracted from her tasks when on the clock. Erin possesses problem solving abilities and can be quite creative when it is required.  I will be bringing her back to work again and recommend her work to everyone I know who needs temporary assistance for their office.


Lynn Akina


Wellness Lifestyles Hawaii


She might not appreciate this description, but Erin--doing what she does, as well as the fact that I can't quite remember how we met and I feel like she's been a friend all my life--functions as a sort of Fairy Godsister in my life. She is a collaborator, a supporter, a resource, and a partner in crime. Okay, maybe not that last one; I haven't asked that of her...yet!


Erin is the person I call when I need help on personal/lifestyle projects and am looking for someone who is nice, friendly, personable, yet also manages to be professional enough to keep things efficient and on-track. She is smart, effective, honest, easy to work with, and dependable. I doubt I really know the extent of her talents, but from what I've experienced so far, I wouldn't doubt that whatever I might ask, she will find a way to accomplish it.


Angel H.

Alice Inoue Life Guidance Happiness U

Daughters of Hawai`i

Wellness Lifestyles Hawai`i

Angel H.

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