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You're Not Short Nor Tall

Did you ever notice that everything just is what it is, until we compare it to something else? This is one of the Universal Laws, the LAW OF RELATIVITY. Dark is considered dark only after compared to light. A 6 foot tall person is considered "tall" compared to a 5 foot person, but seems "short" when next to someone who is 7 feet. With neither the 5 foot person nor the 7 foot person, the 6 footer just is. They're neither short nor tall. We make so many comparisons without knowing it - fat, skinny, hot, cold, rich, poor, nice, mean. People talk about meeting all the Mr. Wrongs (or Miss Wrongs) in order to find Mr. Right (or Miss Right). Without comparisons, we'd never know what we wanted or didn't want, or how we wanted to be treated. No one would know that there was a Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong. If you're nervous about meeting someone, is it because you compared yourself to them, and decided that they were more important/richer/smarter/better looking than you? If so, remind yourself that they're a human being, just the same as you. When you talk down to someone, did you compare your life to theirs and decide YOU were more important/richer/smarter/better looking than them? Remind yourself again that they're a human being, just the same as you. The stress in your life might be frustrating and overwhelming at times until you compare it to someone else's stress, and it seems your life would be a vacation to them. We can't stop comparing things, but just realizing this takes away intimidation, judgments, and even hurt. Think about it.

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